Temporary tattoo "A moment of blossom"

Мить розквіту
Белая временная тату на руке
Временное тату на девушке с красками
Временное тату момент расцвета на ноге за столом
Мить розквіту

Temporary tattoo "A moment of blossom"

Дизайнер Елена Рапий
Olena Rapiy

Lviv, Ukraine

Size: 148х205 mm
Price: 200 грн

The heyday is the best moment. This is the beginning, the birth, the prospect, the hope. The moment when everything comes out of nothing. White tattoos with large peonies are so real and detailed that they are about to smell. Especially sensual will look in the decollete area, in addition to small details on the hands, shoulders, or where you want. The main thing is to wear them with a share of audacity and with head held high.

Additional Information:

  • Best quality
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Easy to apply
  • Plant based organic paints
  • Simply remove with baby oil
  • For anyone from 3 years old
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