Temporary tattoo Orchid

Тату наклейка орхидея на ноге
Тату наклейка орхидея в руке

Temporary tattoo Orchid

Художник Кристина Бондаренко
Christina Bondarenko

Ukraine, Dnipro

Size: 110x165 mm
Price: 140 грн

Orchids are beautiful plants that please their interesting and beautiful flowering. Such a flower from afar looks like a butterfly. In China, it is a symbol of fertility, the emblem of beauty, refinement and friendship. Transfer tattoos with an image of an orchid made in a warm, picturesque range of flowers will create a romantic image, and beautifully traced flowers and stems create the effect of a real flower.

Additional Information:

  • Best quality
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Easy to apply
  • Plant based organic paints
  • Simply remove with baby oil
  • For anyone from 3 years old
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