Temporary tattoo "White deer"

Временная тату белый олень на темнокожей девушке
Переводная тату белый олень на руке Тани Пренткович
Временная татуировка Белый олень на руке и набор любовь
Временная татуировка Белый олень на руке и Юникорн

Temporary tattoo "White deer"

White deer
Arley Sign Team

Ukraine, Lviv

Size: 83x83 mm
Old price:110 грн
Price: 70 грн

Deer is a universal auspicious symbol. It is associated with sunrise, light, purity, renewal and spirituality. Deer is masculinity and passion. Transfer tattoos with snow-white deer emphasize its swiftness, grace and beauty. Clear geometric lines create a unique pattern. The tattoo looks good on a swarthy or tanned skin, on the shoulder or wrist.

Additional Information:

  • Best quality
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Easy to apply
  • Plant based organic paints
  • Simply remove with baby oil
  • For anyone from 3 years old
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