Temporary tattoo Delicate cornflowers

Временные тату васильки на ногах
Временное тату нежные васильки на спине
Временная тату васильки на спине

Temporary tattoo Delicate cornflowers

Arley Sign Team

Ukraine, Lviv

Size: 148x205 mm
Price: 180 грн

A gentle blue cornflower has a truly magical power. He attracts the looks of men, the blue color fascinates and gives peace. The ancient Slavs considered him the amulet and the best healer. You can make yourself an elegant bouquet of cornflowers or choose a single twig. Let a blue butterfly flutter with your cornflowers – a symbol of hope and ease of being.

Additional Information:

  • Best quality
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Easy to apply
  • Plant based organic paints
  • Simply remove with baby oil
  • For anyone from 3 years old
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